Get all the instruments you need for your band by taking out a loan

A band can be a difficult thing to finance and may require a loan in order to purchase the necessary equipment. If a business plan is presented to a bank which outlines how the bank will be repaid, then the funds are more likely to be given out.

loanThe drum kit is an essential part of the Rock band sound but a physical drum kit can be a very expensive object. It can also be hard to transport and may be required for gigs that don’t have their own drum kit. In this situation a drum machine can be a much more cost effective instrument and is also Small and mobile. A small drum machine often varies in price but will work for a variety of styles of music including rock and roll, dance music and jazz.

Guitars often vary in price but an acoustic guitar is generally cheaper than an electric guitar. An electric guitar can be far more expensive and will also require an amp. This instrument is an essential part of any rock and roll group, so an investment in this area will be worth it in the long run.

A bass guitar is another crucial instrument and is needed in order to form the back bone of the rock and roll sound. It is this instrument that will bring out the low end of the sound and will also help to get the dance floor moving.

A loan from the bank should be just enough to cover all the instrument costs that are needed to form a rock and roll band. Once these instruments have been bought, a band can begin to develop their craft and develop a sound which can bring them fame and funds from gigs and record deals. These funds can then be used to pay back the funds that were originally borrowed from the bank.

You’ll find that there are all sorts of loans available to you, but getting the right one is entirely dependent on your personal circumstances. An alternative to a loan could be a credit card, which you and the other members of your band could all get to give you an equivalent sum of money.

The top 5 tips on starting a band

Most people have dreams of being a musician, whither it is dreams of playing in front of thousands of admirers at a sold out stadium or just to impress their friends at the weekend. These are the 5 top tips to starting a band.

1: Choose the right members: To start with a band requires dedication, practice, and usually contacts in the local music scene. A good way to get these contacts is to simply be part of the local music scene and inform others that you are starting a band. It is vital to audition and practice as you need to decide who really wants to commit to a band and who just wants to tell people that they do. It is also key to mention that many talented individuals won’t always make a good band together. Saving

2: Practice: It’s vital that all band members can make practice, if one member of a band can’t commit it will affect the whole band. So, if there is one someone in your band that you don’t feel is putting in as much effort its essential to communicate this to them and take whatever steps you feel necessary for the success of you and your band.

3: Promotion: This is a key element for gaining a following. With the advent of social media, getting promotion has never been easier, however keep in mind that everyone can do this and be prepared to go further such-as putting up fliers or getting a local radio station to play one of your songs.

4: Production: Remember that regardless of how you sound to your friends in a recording studio, you will have to play in many varied locations, you should get to know your equipment so that you can make changes whenever necessary to sound the way you want in a less than favourable location.

5 Have fun: The most important thing is to have fun when starting a band. No-one can say how successful they will be but it is up to you whither you enjoy the process. So choose your instrument, chose to give it your all and know that whatever happens you have achieved more than most by going out there and doing it.